Our Interior designers are specialized in a number of areas, such as:-

  • Residential design: creating interior spaces for homes.
  • Commercial design: creating interior spaces for businesses.
  • Restaurant design: creating interiors for restaurants and bars
  • Hotel design: creating interior spaces for hotels and resorts.

Retail store design: creating interior spaces for retail stores.

Our team of experienced designers has a wide range of expertise in various types of projects – big or small, residential or commercial. We can create customized designs as per clients need and requirements.

Life of porta cabin is 15-20 years but we give warranty for 4 to 5 years with terms & condition.

The duration depends from 10 days to 2 months depending upon size of project & we are bind to complete it on time frame as we have penalty clause.

  • Cemented fiber sheet (make Everest) Wiring: – (Havells, Finolex, Polycab)
  • Switches: – (Norysis/ Le grand)
  • Lights: – (Syska, Phillips)
  • Upvc Door, Windows as per need
  • Gypsum false ceiling

MS Pipe (Apollo) & Metal shingles

Life of wooden pergola is 10 to 12 years but we give warranty of 4 to 5 years Terms & condition apply. We give a protective layer of top coat being exported to UK & used in Delhi metro.

Rs.500 sq. ft. and if one needs automatic drip irrigation it will cost 20,000 extra

No, such issues of seepage are there in swimming pool and Jacuzzi as waterproofing is done by our experts with the usage of high class waterproofing chemicals being exported to UK and used in Delhi metro.

Yes, if it is constructed with the best quality wood with application of protective coting

Yes, It Is Possible to assemble wooden cottages in Delhi.

 It depends upon the quality of wood, size of cottage & internal partition walls.

Depends upon Design and Material Range @ of  650 per sq. ft.

Thermopine wood & MS Pipes.

Either by polycarbonate sheet or by glass depending upon our budget

We give 4 years of warranty but they last for several years Terms & Condition.

We have to make sure our terrace is properly waterproofed.

Yes, we can inspect the space and guide you with our experience & expertise in Jacuzzis & swimming pools.

No license is required is depth is around 4 FT. To 4.5 FT

The basic life of any waterproofing solution is around 20-25 years.

We provide 5 layers of waterproofing with Chemical being exported in UK. This waterproofing will cost @ of  70 SQ. FT.

Yes definitely we have Heat proof chemicals being exported to UK @35/- per sq. ft.