Whether you’re a new homeowner trying to cover all the bases, or just looking to inject a little life into your existing property, you can rest assured that Nirmanam Constructions has the residential roofing expertise to get the job done right.

Anti Shora Treatment
Dr Salt Petre Alloy

Retards the effect of hard water, seals porosity & combat gaseous attack, thus providing protection against efflorescence (Shora); which means that the aesthetic looks of walls stay intact.

Water Proofing Chemicals
Tuffcrete & Black Coat

Environment-friendly waterproofing system Which provides protection against rising dampness from underground beds, leakages from roofs due to rainwater accumulations & bathroom blockages.

Cement water proofing admixture

C-MAX is an excellent concrete strengthening Cement admixture, which means that by adding C-MAX water demand in the cement is reduced and the cement colloids travel to fill up all the voids ad produce a compact and dense concrete mass.

Thermal Insulations
White Knight thermal Nano Paint

Nanotechnology materials impart good solid strength to the structures providing up to 8o C temperature difference, thereby saving over 10% of your energy/electricity costs.

Synthetic polymeric Mechanism
Rust Converter

Water-based rust converter coating developed with America technical collaboration.It converts existing rust into moisture-free, black protective coating eliminating existing rust and also preventing the possibility of corrosion in the future.

Cement water proofing admixture

Provides excellent & tough protective coating for wood, concrete, Machinery, equipment, Marine fixtures, etc.