Water resistant and Eco- friendly wooden cottages are made by us. These can be in the forms of Gazebos, Bar Counters, Villas, Security cabins, Roof tops, Beach Houses, Floating Houses and Farm Houses. A good assimilation of hand and machine techniques are used to produce luxury homes based on the specifications given by the clients.

As a skilled and experienced wooden cottage builder, Nirmanamm Constructions can build your dream wooden cottage. Wooden Cottages are eco-friendly & durable to live in, easy to construct and low maintenance, and important natural thermo-protective material, it has an inherently warm temperature in the winter and a cool temperature in the summer.

The most durable building material is wood. Properly notched and maintained houses can last for centuries, and we are one of the best wooden cottage manufacturers in Delhi/NCR. We have worked in this field for over a decade. We build  cottages as per the customer’s requirements and make sure that they are satisfied, providing them with good after sales service. Get in touch with us if you’re looking for prefabricated wooden cottages manufactured with unparalleled quality and on-time delivery. 

Cottages are built with many types of wood, as of Canadians proof, Thermo ash & Thermo pine  is by far the most versatile, affordable, and weather-resistant option available. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, if it is constructed with the best quality wood with application of protective coting

Yes, It Is Possible to assemble wooden cottages in Delhi.

 It depends upon the quality of wood, size of cottage & internal partition walls.