Urban Green roofs: A source of happiness

Imagine a scenario where you love living in the city, well of course because you have been born and brought up in a city. So, by default, you love the endearing; plush surroundings of the city; which is also a hub of all the amenities. However, though a city-bred – you are also environmentally conscious and are also aware of the environmental challenges (like global warming) faced by all of us.

Being a responsible citizen, you are keen on creating your own garden space with a big terrace that you have. But you neither have the time nor the expertise or the energy to convert that idle space into a greenhouse.

So, in most situations where does, it end up? ‘Just Let it be!…. It’s Not POSSIBLE!’

But It is Possible now! All you need is to have the space, and the willingness to Go Green, then the Nirmanamm team is there to take it up from there and transform your ‘idle’, ‘ignored’, ‘ boring’ and lifeless terrace space into a beautiful garden that will soon become the center of attraction of your house.

‘Really?” That’s what you must be thinking!

SO the answer is YES! All you have to do is to show interest in revamping or creating a garden space and put up a query on the NIrmanamm website, the experts will come to analyze your property, and based on your requirements and needs they submit the designs and quotes.

Depending on your preferences- experts recommend the plants or vegetables, based on the climatic conditions and your budget. On approval, the team takes up the renovation and thereby transforms your mundane surroundings into lush greeneries that become a visual delight for the owners. Not only this; it comes with loads of health benefits as we have immense fresh clean air and immunity building plants that help you to remain healthy. It can become a source of seasonal food, and would also help in bringing families together. It might also help in filtering air and creating recreational spaces for all.

This transformation can be maintained by subscribing to the regular maintenance services offered by the company. This ensures that the greens of your house are always lush green and your Dull Terrace becomes a place that would be envied by the neighbors but will fill you up with pride—-Forever!

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