Vertical Gardens: The ‘In’ thing

So, for the people with a Green Thumb, what are the two things that can be upsetting- Lack of space and Lack of water. Isn’t it? Therefore, if you are living in a small apartment where the water supply is ‘just’ adequate, do you think anybody would be able to sustain their gardening hobby? ‘I don’t think so!’

But hey! It is possible. Nirmannam provides Vertical Gardening services that help all the gardeners to ‘Go Green’ with a full swing. Just connect with the Nirmanamm team and they will get you started.

With the clever installation techniques used by the NIrmannam team, it becomes very easy. Irrespective whether you want to grow a herb garden or have simple air freshening plants and some ferns in the bathroom, the space saving vertical garden units of Nirmannnam help you to take the plunge. These systems are not only limited to indoor planting but can be very effectively used for the outdoors also. So, imagine having fresh lettuce for your sandwich right from the balcony vertical plants…seems very inviting, isn’t it?

So, space no longer is the constraining factor with gardening now. The vertical garden concept has been very effectively used for facades and also for high rise buildings all across the world. Nirmanamm team ensures that correct technology is assimilated in the units to make the operation simple and on the other hand prevent the formation of moulds on the walls.

These vertical units actually are not only visually appealing they also help in blocking noise; additionally, they also help in creating the urban jungle right in your living spaces. In other words, helping you to come closer to the nature while also providing privacy in your balcony and terrace spaces. It is rightly said ‘Where there is Will there is Way’ – Because you are so keen on having a ‘Green Space’ we are there to provide it to you with Nirmanamm.

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