Nirmanamm Terrace Gardens in Delhi

Your rooftop can be transformed into a garden and an outdoor experience with terrace gardens and roof gardens. We have a huge experience in providing smart terrace garden solutions. We have a dedicated team to help you set up your luxury outdoor experience on your terrace. We with help of associated designers and its own execution team provide a complete terrace garden solution. Our terrace garden products and terrace garden furniture can be customized according to your needs.

Our rooftops provide a premium outdoor experience where you can enjoy outdoor living in an urban space that is becoming more crowded with each passing day. If you would like to design or improve the look and functionality of your terrace garden, we at Nirmanamm are ready to assist you with specialized terrace garden design and execution solutions. As a perfect solution, we offer complete terrace garden design and contractor services. Under our creative visualization and execution of the designs; we are able to bestow your terrace with a charming and alluring look. So be it Terrace gardening, Landscaping, or using aesthetic accessories…all these are used to enhance the scenic beauty of your terrace.

What makes us the best choice for terrace garden design & construction

  • One Stop Terrace Garden Development Solution
  • Expertise in Terrace Garden Design & Execution
  • Best In Class Construction Quality of Roof Top Gardens
  • Effective & Affordable Terrace Garden Development costs

We offer different services that are:

Nirmannam, as the name goes, stands for CREATION. However; what is unique about this company is not only its Creation but the CREATION which is Unique, Picturesque, and Utopic.

We are experts in re-conceptualizing the outdoor spaces of your place- spaces that probably have been relegated to negligence or ignorance.  We believe in innovating, recreating, and expanding the living spaces of people. This is done by giving a makeover to the ‘often forgotten’ or ‘always ignored’ spaces in the house like the terrace, lawns, and yards.

Our prices can be the minimum but that does not compromise the quality. We work within your stipulated budget to ensure that you get what you are looking for in the most cost-effective manner.

Email us for more information at: or call us at +91-93102 37267

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